The production optimized version of the MARRS lightwieght Buffer, redsigned for compatibility with heavy duty and flatwire recoil springs.


Developed in collaberation with competative shooters, the MARRS Low-Mass Buffer features a lighter adjustable recoil dampener, a removable anti-tilt buffer head, and total weight of only 2.2oz.


Constucted with a combination of CNC Machined Aircraft Aluminum, delrin plunger, and 3D printed PETG, this Version of the Magnet Buffer system is intended high-end rifles, low-mass bolt carriers, and adjustable gas systems ONLY.


Tighter tolerances combined with the anit-tilt head allows the buffer and bolt carrier to move smoothly along a stable shared axis, eliminating tail-end wobble and turbulence in the buffer and bolt carrier.


Use in typical off-the-shelf rifles may result in damage to the buffer and negligable recoil impulse reduction. This is for RACE GUNS. (Competition only)





  • The Magnet Buffer system reduces felt recoil, producing faster follow-up shot placement and improving weapon reliability while reducing wear on the the user and the firearm. It requires no tools or special knowledge to install, and is designed to perform in budget builds and performance packages alike.


    The Magnet Buffer is the one-size-fits-all solution to the versatility of the AR multi-caliber weapon platfrom. Every AR-15 is different! Caliber, gas system length/tuning, barrel length, hammer weight, ammunition grade, suppression, and manufacturing material and quality all play a part in how your AR bolt carrier operates on every shot. The Magnabuffer is designed to tame these variables and address over-gased rifles in the easiest way possible while making shooting more pleasant and guns more reliable, shot after shot.


    Key Advantages over other buffer replacements:


    Hydraulic Buffers:

    •   $$$ Pricey $$$
    •   Seals that can fail
    •   Not Adjustable, and with much less travel on recoil dampener


    Captured Spring Drop-in Buffers:

    • Not Adjustable
    • Too heavy? Enjoy double feeding, stovepipes, and ejection failure
    • Too light?  You win extra recoil, bolt wear, bolt bounce and breach lock failure, and rounds ramming onto the breach


    Heavy Duty Spring:

    • Not adjustable, with the same problems as the captured system and you may still need to replace your buffer anyway



    Simply remove your old buffer from the buffer tube, and replace it with this drop-in system. Use your old recoil spring. Turn the retention screw clockwise until your LRBHO (Last-Round-Bolt-Hold-Open) fails to lock, then turn it back one full turn counter-clockwise and you're done! Enjoy less recoil and a more reliable rifle.


    Each MagnaBuffer is hand finished and inspected before shipping (Free USPS 1st class or Priority Mail) and is Warranted for 1 year/ 30,000 round, 90 days Satisfaction Guarantee. If you so much as don't like it, return it for a full refund!




    The embedded magnets are very powerful, but quite brittle. Inside the system they are perfectly safe, but will quickly find a way to come togther when removed carelessly, potentially shattering and causing pinching injuries. DO NO REMOVE THE FRONT SET SCREW


    Do not dissemble. This system has been torture tested inside and outside the firearm without a single failure. The fastest way to break your Magnabuffer is by carelessly disassembling the system and having the magnets explode as they smashed together.


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